About Our Company

About Our Company

Who Is CGE

Common Ground Environmental, Inc. (CGE) began in 2003 by environmental remediation and waste management consultants. Collectively these consultants had over 50 years of experience in the industrial and environmental service industry, specializing in onsite environmental fieldwork and waste management / waste related activities.

In 2017, Michael Propst, an employee of 6 years who mentored under the owners, purchased the company and has continued to offer their legacy services since then. Mr. Propst, now President of CGE, has continued access to prior owner, Mr. Chambless, as an as-needed consultant.

Today CGE specializes in waste removal services  and industrial cleaning to markets, such as; Fortune 500 Companies, Government Agencies, Hazardous Waste Transporters & Generators, Manufacturing and Distribution Centers, Medical Laboratories/ Clinics and Local/ Regional Businesses.

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Our Approach

We pride ourselves as a company that takes “The common sense approach to environmental issues”.  We operate based on two foundational ideas that allow us to focus on addressing the important environmental issues in a timely manner and allow us to serve our clients to our upmost abilities.

Our first mission at CGE is to “Work with Excellence”. We are committed to customer service, safety and convenience, as these key qualities set us apart from our competitors and allow us to meet and exceed our client’s expectations on each project.

Our second mission at CGE is customer value. We work to solve your environmental concerns and challenges quickly and cost effectively by using the correct solutions and right equipment at competitive prices. CGE helps clients comply with regulatory standards by offering cost effective solutions that we design and tailor to address their unique situations. We use innovative technologies and services that minimize waste volumes, reduce costs and protect our environment. Insuring that we complete the job correctly is vital not only to mitigate the possible environmental impact, but also to please our customer and maintain our company’s upstanding reputation as a company that cares.


Service means responding in a timely manner going the extra mile to exceed customer expectations


Safety means doing it right the first time and every time.


Convenience means providing a comprehensive range of services that meet any environmental need our customers may have.