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A Common Sense Approach To

Environmental Issues

Welcome to Common Ground Environmental Inc.
CGE Specializes in Waste Removal Services and Industrial Cleaning

At CGE, we bring a wealth of expertise and a steadfast commitment to environmental excellence.


As a premier provider in the environmental services industry, we specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs.


Our unwavering dedication to the environment, safety, and customer satisfaction sets us apart.

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Our Services Include:

  1. Environmental Remediation: Count on us to address environmental contamination and restore sites to their pristine condition.

  2. Waste Management: We offer expert waste management solutions, ensuring responsible disposal and compliance with regulations.

  3. Industrial Cleaning: Our team is equipped to handle industrial cleaning challenges efficiently and effectively, including Hydro-Blasting Service for high-pressure cleaning needs.

  4. Hazardous & Non Hazardous Waste Services: We specialize in managing hazardous and Non Hazardous waste, providing safe and compliant disposal options.

  5. Site Assessment and Testing: Rely on our expertise for thorough site assessments and testing to identify environmental risks.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: We help clients navigate complex environmental regulations, ensuring full compliance.

  7. Innovative Technologies: Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we minimize waste, reduce costs, and protect the environment.

  8. Oil Recovery: Our dedicated services include the efficient and responsible recovery of oil, protecting both the environment and your resources.

  9. Rolloff Service: We provide reliable rolloff boxes for waste collection and transportation, offering a convenient solution for your disposal needs.

  10. Jet Rodder Service High pressure cleaning of plumbing and storm drain lines

  11. Camera System: 200ft push camera for inspecting plumbing lines.

At CGE, we go beyond industry standards to exceed your expectations.


Our commitment to "The common sense approach to environmental issues" drives us to find cost-effective and sustainable solutions for all your environmental challenges.

Explore our website to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in achieving your environmental goals. Contact us today to partner with a company that cares about your environmental well-being.

Together, we'll make a difference! Click here to learn more!

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