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A Common Sense Approach To

Environmental Issues

CGE Specializes in Waste Removal Services and Industrial Cleaning

Committed to Customer Service, Safety, and Convenience

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Who is CGE

Common Ground Environmental, Inc. (CGE) was established in 2003 by a team of seasoned environmental remediation and waste management consultants, who collectively boasted over five decades of experience in the industrial and environmental service sector.


Their expertise was particularly focused on conducting onsite environmental fieldwork and overseeing waste management and related activities.

In 2017, the company underwent a transition of ownership when Michael Propst, a dedicated employee of six years who had been mentored by the original owners, assumed leadership as President of CGE.

Under Mr. Propst's direction, the company has diligently continued to deliver its well-established suite of services.

Today, CGE specializes in providing comprehensive waste removal services and industrial cleaning solutions to a diverse client base that includes Fortune 500 Companies, Government Agencies, Hazardous Waste Transporters & Generators, Manufacturing and Distribution Centers, Medical Laboratories/Clinics, as well as Local and Regional Businesses.

Our Approach

     At CGE, we pride ourselves on adopting a pragmatic approach to environmental issues. Our operational philosophy is rooted in two fundamental principles that enable us to effectively address critical environmental concerns while providing exemplary service to our clients.

Our primary mission at CGE is to "Excel in our Work." We are unwavering in our commitment to customer service, safety, and convenience. These core attributes distinguish us from our competitors and empower us to consistently surpass our clients' expectations on every project.

Our second mission at CGE revolves around delivering exceptional customer value. We are dedicated to swiftly and cost-effectively resolving your environmental challenges by employing appropriate solutions and utilizing the most suitable equipment, all at competitive pricing. CGE assists clients in achieving compliance with regulatory standards by offering customized, cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific circumstances. We harness innovative technologies and services that not only reduce waste volumes and costs but also safeguard our environment. Ensuring the accurate completion of each job is not only vital to mitigating potential environmental impacts but also crucial in delighting our customers and upholding our company's sterling reputation as a caring and conscientious organization. Click here to learn about our services!

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